Join us at the Swim England Team2K

Team2k Open Water Swimmers

HEY THERE team player! You may not know it yet but what you need is the Swim England Team2K. And you don’t have to be a Swim England member to take part.

Taking place at Rother Valley Country Park on 29 July, the Swim England Team2K event is for everyone. Bring all your family and friends.

Swim 2km as a team of four and get a medal for your effort. You’re welcome to wear a wetsuit, and signing up is hassle free.

Choosing a wetsuit

Whether you choose to wear a wetsuit is up to you. If you are not keen on getting cold, and for those swimmers not used to open water, we would recommend it. Wetsuits will have to be swimming specific; ones which have been designed for triathlons. This is because they will provide you with extra buoyancy and warmth.

If swimming isn’t a strength then let your friends or family take the strain. As a team you need to complete 2,000m. How you split it is up to you, but everyone has to swim at least one 200m lap.

When you are not swimming, relax with a BBQ and a few cold drinks in one of England’s great country parks. It’s what summer was made for.

The lower age range is 12, so we  would love to see some teams from some of the greatest swimming families in the country! It’ll be like Game of Thrones in a giant lake, with less gore (hopefully) and fewer dragons.


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