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The Dolphin Centre

Horsemarket, Darlington, England, DL1 5RP
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  • Main/General

    Length 25m
    Width 18m
    Shallow end 1m
    Deep end 2m
    Area 450m2
    Movable floor No
  • Diving

    Length 12m
    Width 12m
    Shallow end 4m
    Deep end 4m
    Area 144m2
    Movable floor No
    Diving Board
  • Learner/Teaching/Training

    Length 15m
    Width 10m
    Shallow end 1m
    Deep end 1m
    Area 150m2
    Movable floor No

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Darlington SC

Members 228
Groups Juniors, Seniors
Swimming Diving Masters

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Darlington Dolphin Masters SC

Members 42
Groups Beginners, Seniors
Swimming Masters

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