Parents’ role in helping improve school swimming

Parents and kids in swimming pool. Parents, find out how you can help improve school swimming.

Is your child’s school signed up to our School Swimming Charter?

We believe that every child should have the chance to learn to swim at primary school.

Swimming is a statutory part of the national curriculum, just like Maths and English, yet over 1,300 primary schools in England don’t provide any swimming lessons at all.

Click here to download our Parents’ Guide to School Swimming

We’re encouraging primary schools in England to sign up for support and resources to help them with their swimming provision through our School Swimming Charter. We’ve also briefed MPs on how they can help improve the state of school swimming by encouraging schools in their constituencies to sign up too.

Although schools and politicians play a big part in the success of school swimming in England, as a parent you have an incredibly important role to play. As well as taking an active interest in your child’s school swimming programme, help us get more schools involved with our Charter. With ‘Parent Power’ we can together make sure swimming provision is a top priority.


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