County Team Champs Schedule

The National County Team Champs take place on one day in the middle of the English short course season, with the 2018 Championships in Sheffield on Sunday 7 October.

There competition has 31 events taking place in two pools (one for each of the divisions) with 100m races for the four strokes for each sex and each age group

There are also 4x50m Medley Relays for each sex and age group and one final Mixed 6x50m Freestyle Relay to close the Championships.

For a full explanation of the format of the competition, click here.

2018 County Team Champs Schedule

7 October 2018

Event NumberSex / Age GroupEvent
Event 101Girls 16/17100m Freestyle
Event 102Boys 16/17100m Freestyle
Event 103Girls 12/13100m Breaststroke
Event 104Boys 12/13100m Breaststroke
Event 105Girls 14/15100m Butterfly
Event 106Boys 14/15100m Butterfly
Event 107Girls 16/17100m Backstroke
Event 108Boys 16/17100m Backstroke
Event 109Girls 12/13100m Freestyle
Event 110Boys 12/13100m Freestyle
Event 111Girls 14/15100m Breaststroke
Event 112Boys 14/15100m Breaststroke
Event 113Girls 16/17100m Butterfly
Event 114Boys 16/174x50m Medley Relay
Event 115Girls 12/134x50m Medley Relay
Event 116Boys 14/154x50m Medley Relay
Event 117Boys 16/17100m Butterfly
Event 118Girls 12/13100m Backstroke
Event 119Boys 12/13100m Backstroke
Event 120Girls 14/15100m Freestyle
Event 121Boys 14/15100m Freestyle
Event 122Girls 16/17100m Breaststroke
Event 123Boys 16/17100m Breaststroke
Event 124Girls 12/13100m Butterfly
Event 125Boys 12/13100m Butterfly
Event 126Girls 14/15100m Backstroke
Event 127Boys 14/15100m Backstroke
Event 128Girls 16/174x50m Medley Relay
Event 129Boys 12/134x50m Medley Relay
Event 130Girls 14/154x50m Medley Relay
Event 131Mixed6x50m Freestyle Relay