Level X Racing Eligibility Information

Membership requirements to take part in Level X Racing

In order to take part in Swim England’s Level X Racing, swimmers must hold a valid Swim England Category 2 Membership.

As part of Level X Racing we are offering a special introductory free trial to Category 2 Membership to all current Category 1 members to allow them to take part in Series 1 of Level X Racing.

Level X Racing Series 1: 23 October – 31 December 2020

Club Information

If a club submits Level X Racing times for members that are currently registered as Swim England Category 1, Swim England Membership will automatically upgrade these members to Category 2 membership at no additional charge for the remainder of the 2020 membership year (31 December 2020).

Swim England will upgrade these members via the Online Membership System (OMS) on a weekly basis. Clubs will be able to view these members via OMS, they will also see that an invoice has been created however this will not be added to the clubs account.

Member Information

Any Swim England Category 1 member who submits a Level X Racing time will automatically be upgraded to a Swim England Category 2 free of charge for the remainder of the Swim England Membership year (31 December 2020).

Members who are upgraded will receive notification by email of their new Swim England Membership Category.

To view more information about the categories of membership, please visit the Swim England Club Membership page.

If you have any questions regarding membership relating to Level X Racing please email levelx@swimming.org.