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Guidance documents

The guidance documents contain practical advice on how to improve the customer experience across each frontier area.

You will find the content is divided into sections:

  1. Area – a general theme of the section.
  2. Thought starters – content taking you through the customer journey and looking at how you can apply the key recommendations to improve the customer experience in this area
  3. Resource – the name and link of any corresponding support document which illustrates the main thought starter content.

Click or tap the images below to view the full guidance documents for the three frontiers.

Step three: make changes and measure your success

These resources will help you to create an action plan to make changes across the three frontiers, and measure your success. We recommend you download these prior to starting any updates to your delivery:

For best results, all three frontier areas need to be working well to maximise your pool business.

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If you have any questions about the toolkit, or to give direct feedback, please contact a member of the Strategic Partnerships team via strategicpartnerships@swimming.org