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Swim England board changes

Chris Bostock has been thanked by Swim England after stepping down as chairperson of the Sport Governing Board.

Chris, who served as an independent member of the Amateur Swimming Association Board since 2006, has had a long association with the sport at all levels.  He continues to be involved with the technology and data management systems for the whole organisation.

Both the Sport Governing Board and Group Board have now transferred their powers to the new Swim England Board, established following Swim England’s transition to an incorporated body with charitable status.  The new Board is chaired by former Group Board chairperson, Mike Farrar.

Swim England would like to thank all those who served as board members on the Sport Governing Board and Group Board for their considerable contribution to the organisation and the wider sport.

Serving on the Swim England Group Board* were:

  • Mike Farrar (chairperson)
  • Stuart Cain
  • Simon Johnson
  • Sue Smith
  • Keith Ashton
  • Ian MacKenzie
  • Bernard Simkins
  • Jane Nickerson
  • Brian Havill

Serving on the Sport Governing Board* were:

  • Chris Bostock (chairperson)
  • Neil Booth
  • Brian Collis
  • Ray Gordon
  • Kay Grimshaw
  • Ian MacKenzie
  • Robert Margetts
  • Roger Prior
  • Bernard Simkins
  • Pippa Jones
  • Barry Saunders
  • Jane Nickerson

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* Members as of April 2018