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SwimPix is a resource for swimming teachers and tutors involved with the delivery of Swim England’s Learn to Swim Programme and School Swimming and Water Safety Charter. A perfect tool for any swimming lessons, SwimPix were developed with additional needs in mind. SwimPix will help learners to engage with fun, inclusive lessons and achieve outcomes more effectively.

Introducing SwimPix

SwimPix are waterproof and can be used in the classroom as well as in and out of the pool to enhance school swimming and to help demonstrate those tricky skills from the side!

SwimPix are suitable for all learners, but especially helpful for those with learning difficulties, anxiety, hearing impairments or where English is not their first language. SwimPix enables inclusive lessons and a simple and fun teaching process.

SwimPix can be used with StoryBoard display panels to enhance lesson communication and reduce anxiety for many pupils. Storyboards are especially useful for those on the autistic spectrum to create communication with meaning.

SwimPix minis can bridge the gap between the pool and home or be used with individual learners.

Visit the aswim uk website to find out more.

Aswim uk have a training page for many free downloadable resources, including lesson plans. You can watch videos of training sessions on a variety of topics and learn how to Sign with SwimPix using British Sign Language. Click here to view Aswim uk’s training resources.

The company behind SwimPix is aswim uk, founded by former Team GB artistic swimmer and national coach Alison Bell, and swimming teacher and graphic designer and illustrator Tim Arundel. Aswim uk products are trusted and recommended by us.

Click through the gallery below to see SwimPix being used in a wide variety of ways to enhance wet and dry lessons.

(Photo credits, Brian Aldridge)