MySwimfit Activate and Activate+

MySwimfit Activate and Activate+

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Activate is your structured but flexible gym-style swimming programme of 30 sessions suitable for all abilities. Take control of your swimming with MySwimfit Activate.

Signup to Swimfit Activate todayThe Activate programme in MySwimfit is based on the popular Swimfit group-based instructor-led sessions available at your local pool called Activate+.

These 30 distance-based session cards in MySwimfit introduce you to swimming programmes and are a quick start option to getting in the pool.

Sign up to MySwimfit and start enjoying the benefits of MySwimfit todayMySwimfit Activate is suitable for all swimming abilities and flexibility is key.

  • Follow the programme from 10 lengths to 120, or pick and mix your sessions as you go, the choice is yours.
  • Simply log your distance, or use an 'extended log' to leave notes for yourself each swim, the choice is yours.

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