Welcome to the Home of Fitness on MySwimfit

Welcome to the Home of Fitness on MySwimfit

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The MySwimfit Fitness programme is all about using swimming as your primary source of fitness and to take your workout further.

Register for free with MySwimfit and you will be able to access our 32 carefully devised online session cards (see an example right). They increase in intensity, pushing you further as you go.

Your aim will be to improve your physical appearance and to ensure that your heart and lungs remain in top condition. To do this you should try to swim more than once a week.

You should try to swim more than once a week if using the MySwimfit Fitness programme.

You will also need to be comfortable swimming two or three of the four strokes. Don't worry there is plenty of improver and advanced guidance and advice in this section of the website to help you.

Throughout MySwimfit intensity of exercise is an important factor in helping you to achieve your goals. Each session card has four sections delivering an overall intensity rating of one to five, where five is the limit. Sign up to MySwimfit to enjoy the benefits of Health The Fitness programme builds to demand fours and fives, ensuring you feel the burn.

Enjoy the programme!

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