MySwimfit Motivate - Get Fit

MySwimfit Motivate - Get Fit

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Get Fit is a structured MySwimfit Motivate programme with 30 sessions for the swimmer who wants to improve fitness and stamina, based on the popular Swimfit workout programme.

Sign up for MySwimfit now and start Get FitIf you are seeking to push the pace or train for a race then you need the Get Fit programme from our Motivate collection.

Designed by the experts at the ASA for people who like to stick to the programme and bring back gold, Get Fit has 30 progressive sessions for you to work through in sequence.

SwimTip: You'll need front crawl, backstroke and breaststroke to take on Motivate-Get Fit

Sign up to MySwimfit to enjoy the benefits of Motivate-Get FitLog your time in the pool, leave notes for yourself, tell MySwimfit whether you found it easy, moderate or hard, and move on or re-do a session.

If it sounds for you then click on the arrow right and start enjoying the benefits of getting fit with MySwimfit today.

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