MySwimfit Challenges

MySwimfit Challenges

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Swim UK rivers and coastlines, train for an event while swimming Bondi Beach or define your own distance and just keep swimming. There’s something for all in MySwimfit Challenges.

Sign up to MySwimfit to start swimming the Thames in the comfort of your local pool

Take your time with a steady breaststroke crossing of Loch Ness or Butterfly bomb along the Thames, with natural challenges it's up to you.

Sign up to MySwimfit and take a Challenge

Or maybe you're training for an event. Follow our training challenge plans in the pool while logging swims across some of the world's most beautiful seas and lakes. We'll give you some landmarks to look out along the way.

Just want to swim...and swim? Then set a personal distance challenge from 10 metres to 100,000 miles. Simply swim when you like and log your swims until you reach your goal.

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Sign up to MySwimfit CoachZone and access our Challenges Zone. You can:

  • Log your swims to keep track of distance, times swam, percentage complete and time in pool.
  • Download dedicated training plans for your challenge.
  • Track each swim on Google Maps.
  • Sign up for MySwimfit and access MySwimfit ChallengesBuild up a history of Challenges. All your swims are there.

So become a Swimftter and start your Challenge today. How many of them can you complete?

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