Development with Swim England Synchro Talent

The Swim England Synchro Talent team deliver high-quality training and competition for the most promising young synchronised swimmers in England.

Two Levels of the Talent Programme

Youth Squad

  • Up to 20 athletes. Home of the youth and reserve athletes. The travelling England Youth Squad is made up from the best team performing athletes aged 13-15 years within that season.

Training Squad

  • Up to 20 athletes. Home for the junior and senior squads. These athletes will make up the Great Britain travelling squads during the season.

To be selected in a national squad, athletes must complete some basic tests at their clubs. When they attend the trials, they will be selected on a number of physiological, technical and psychological factors, as well as other elements such as compatibility and work ethic.

Athletes and their coaches should have a clear understanding about the commitment required to be part of the national team and the expectations, travel and time required before considering attending the trials.

It is also advantageous for the athletes to be known to the national programme staff by taking part in competitions regionally and nationally. Athletes should be competitive and striving for the top level within the sport.

All information about the trial and selection process can be found in the documents below.

If you become a member of one of the Swim England Synchro squads, you will continue to work with your home club programme and club coach.

It is important for your club coaches to be engaged in your development and the training hours and requirements once you are part of the programme. All training is compulsory and is a mixture of camps and weekends.

Selection Policies and Information

You can download the latest Swim England Synchro Talent selection policies and squad information documents using the folders below.

Talent Programme

If you have a question about England Programmes Synchronised Swimming, please email

Swim England Synchro Talent Training Squad

  • Abi Taylor –senior/junior, Reading Royals
  • Aimee Lawrence – junior, City of Salford
  • Alyssa Basinger – junior, Reading Royals
  • Cerys Hughes – senior/junior, City of Bristol
  • Cerys Larsen –senior/junior, Reading Royals
  • Daisy Gunn – junior, Reading Royals
  • Daisy Rushton – senior/junior, City of Leeds
  • Daniella Lloyd – senior/junior, City of Bristol
  • Grace Cruickshank – junior, City of Bristol
  • Greta Hampson – senior, City of Bristol
  • Ilaria Brandimarte – senior, Team Bath
  • Isabelle Thorpe – senior/junior, City of Bristol
  • Isobel Blinkhorn – junior, Reading Royals
  • Isobel Davis – senior/junior, City of Leeds
  • Kate Shortman – senior/junior, City of Bristol
  • Laura Turberville – junior, Witney and District *
  • Maddie Berry – senior, City of Bristol *
  • Millie Costello – senior/junior, City of Leeds
  • Olivia Burton – junior, City of Leeds *
  • Robyn Swatman – junior, Walsall *
  • Rosie Rallings – junior, London Region *
  • Torrie Usher – senior, Reading Royals

*new to the team this year