NAG Champs Schedule

The 2018 Swim England Synchronised Swimming National Age Group Championships takes place from 24 – 25 November in Gloucester.

The Figures and Duet competitions will be held on Saturday 24 while the Solo, Mixed Duet and Team events will be on Sunday 25 November.

The schedule is listed below. This is subject to change and does not include warm ups.

Please download the Entry Pack for a full draft schedule including warm ups.

Day One – Saturday 25 Nov

08:3010:5013-15 Yrs Figures
11:1512:3515-18 Yrs Figures
13:3015:3012&U Figures
15:5016:4412&U Duet
16:4417:4013-15 Yrs Duet
17:4018:4015-18 Yrs Duet

Day Two – Sunday 26 Nov

09:0009:4513-15 Yrs Solo
09:4510:2712&U Solo
10:2711:1515-18 Yrs Solo
11:4011:4912&U Mixed Duet
11:4911:5813-15 Yrs Mixed Duet
11:5812:0015-18 Yrs Mixed Duet
13:0013:5012&U Team
13:5015:0013-15 Yrs Team
15:0016:0015-18 Yrs Team