About the Swim England Synchro Combo Cup

The Swim England Synchro Combo Cup is a unique event in the synchronised swimming calendar as it only features free combination performances.

The free combo is the most thrilling type of synchro routine with high tempo music, impressive throws and lifts, and up to 10 athletes moving in unison throughout.

Expect to see the finest young swimmers from England, Scotland and Wales, performing feats of athleticism and flexibility in the water that truly have to be seen to be believed.

New to synchro?

Are you new to the sport of synchro and want to know more about how it works?

Check out our About Synchro pages for an introduction to the sport which has long been known as one of the toughest on the Olympic schedule.

Olympic synchro swimmers are second only to long distance runners in terms of their aerobic capacity!

The Combo Cup is contested over two divisions and five age groups – 12 & Under, 13 – 15 Years, 15 – 18 Years, 13 – 18 Years and 15 & Under.

Medals are awarded for each competition, while the club with the largest total score across all competitions will win the Combo Cup.

The 2017 Combo Cup was the inaugural staging of the event and took place on Saturday 16 September at Manchester Aquatics Centre.

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What can I expect from the Combo Cup?

The Division 1 age groups are open to teams featuring swimmers who hold up to Swim England Figure Grade 3 – or Grade 2 for the 12 & Under Age Group.

Meanwhile, the Division 2 age groups will be contested by teams featuring swimmers who hold at least Swim England Figure Grade 3 – or Grade 2 for the 12 & Under Age Group.

  • Click here to read more information about the Swim England Figure Grades.

Clubs can enter more than one team in one age group of a division as long as their first registered team has the maximum number of competitors. However, swimmers can only enter one free combination event.

The overall points tally used for the Combo Cup rankings will use the highest score if a club has more than one team entered into an event.

What is the format of the competition?

The free combination is a fun routine to watch with up to 10 swimmers in the water.

Teams will swim one continuous routine but there will be segments where different numbers of swimmers will perform.

The time limits for the routines is 3 minutes, except for the 15 – 18 Years age group of Division Two, for which the limit is 4 minutes.