Alyson Bashford

Alyson Bashford ASA National Volunteer Forum profile

Alyson Bashford got involved in synchro over ten years ago as a result of her daughter taking part in the sport.

Alyson is now a volunteer lead coach for Taunton Synchro, has completed national scoring and judging courses and has also volunteered at several synchronised swimming events including National Age Groups.

Alyson enjoys the opportunities offered by volunteering, where she is able to meet lots of other like-minded people, who want to keep aquatic sports going for all those involved.

“By joining the National Volunteer Forum I hope to make a difference by supporting positive changes, acting as an ambassador and encouraging more people to get involved,” said Alison.

“Volunteering is not as daunting as it looks and the rewards are many, and without volunteers there would be no events!”


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