ASA young coaches, officials and athletes attend National Talent Camp

Participants at the National Talent Camp 2015

The Youth Sport Trust’s National Talent Camp, which is funded by Sport England, and delivered in partnership with Loughborough University, took place from the 18th – 21st December. The National Talent Camp aims to support the most promising young coaches, athletes, and officials, aged 14-19 years, to develop their skills and be inspired and motivated about where their talent can take them.

Across 10 sports 350 young sports coaches, athletes, and officials were selected to attend and take part in the programme through their National Governing Body of Sport. There were 20 young coaches, 12 young officials and 10 athletes selected to represent the ASA. Each young person was selected based on their experience, commitment they have shown in their role, passion for the sport and drive to want progress. This year also saw three young coaches and three young officials from the previous National Talent Camp cohort return. Their role in 2015, as young mentors. Sharing the knowledge and advice they have gathered over the last 12 months with our new members.

The National Talent Camp four day residential was delivered through sessions that focused on performance, philosophy, taking ownership of behaviours, managing emotions and understanding the value and importance of operating to high standards. The camp was designed to support attendees to develop within their role, sport, and collectively as a team, through a mixture of theory and practice.

The ASA had young people represented across all four disciplines, swimming, synchronised swimming, water polo and diving. Each of whom spent the four days making the most of each unique opportunity to learn from one another not only within aquatics, but across the other nine sports. The 42 young people will now continue on their journey with the ASA post camp as they are supported to challenge themselves further and are offered new opportunities to assist their development.

Lily WalkerCongratulations also go to Lily Walker, who scooped the National Talent Camp Pat Duffy Young Coach Award.

Throughout the four days, Lily clearly showed her ability to work hard, support and encourage those around her, and most importantly her passion for coaching and the impact sport can have on people’s lives. Well done Lily!

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