East Region young volunteers ‘Leading the Lane’ with Helper Workshops

East Region young volunteers success in training courses

Last year, the ASA East Region saw 102 young swimmers take part in a Young Aquatic Helper Workshop, part of the ‘Young Volunteers – Leading the Lane’ programme.

About the East Region Young Volunteers

The East Region are currently offering £50 to each club that hosts a Young Aquatic Helper Workshop. There is support from the ASA and Regional club development officers to put on these courses.

“Using the Helper’s course, the East Region has helped clubs retain swimmers and provide more support to teachers and coaches,” – Leanne Brace.

Once finished, the learner will be better positioned in continuing to help and support the club whilst gaining experience that will give them great insight when doing a teaching or coaching course.

Leanne Brace, East Region Club Development Officer, said: “Using the Helper’s Course, the East Region has helped clubs retain swimmers and provide more support to teachers and coaches on poolside and to develop our young volunteers.”

To find out what your Region offers, please contact your local club development officer.

If your club or you want a helper’s course or any other form of volunteering training then please contact your Regional Office.

About the Young Aquatic Helper Workshops

Young Aquatic Helper Workshops are used as a retention tool many clubs, providing 12-16 year old swimmers the chance to learn different aspects of running a club.

They will learn basic pool safety, hazard identification, how to write a pool risk assessment, effective communication, coaching qualities and team work which leads nicely into taking a Level 1 coaching or teaching qualification.

The only requirement to start the course is to be within the age group specified, and the course can provide many benefits including being part of the volunteering component for the Duke of Edinburgh award.

The course is broken down in to three hours of classroom time and three hours on poolside. Club time is used for the theory and is normally done over a few sessions.


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