Ellie Bamber

Ellie Bamber ASA National Youth Forum profile

Fact File

Name: Ellie Bamber
Date of birth: 20/01/1996
Home town: Derbyshire
Favourite aquatic sport: Disability Swimming
Favourite aquatics star: James Anderson
I love volunteering because: The feeling you get when you first get a child swimming or to achieve the something that they never though that they would be able to do. Seeing the sense of achievement that swimmers get when they achieve something that they didn’t think they could no matter how big or small, it’s not what you can’t do it’s what you CAN DO!

About Ellie

I learnt to swim via swimming lessons when I was about five, then I moved over to my local swimming club, Glossop at 10 and swam once a week.

I started assisting as a helper in the water at 13. I finally started swimming competitively at 14 when I increased my training at Glossop. I became classified as a disabled swimmer at 16 and increased my training by joining Satellites of Macclesfield.

At the same time I continued to help at Glossop, taking my UKCC Level 1 when I was 16 and my Level 2 when I turned 17. I equally enjoyed being a swimmer, swimming teacher/coach and team manager.

I strongly believe in grass roots swimming and lifelong participation and the motto ‘everyone can achieve’. I thought up the club motto, ‘It’s not what you can’t do it’s what you CAN DO!’

Achievement can be British record, a county qualifying time or putting your face in the water for the first time.


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