Frequently Asked Questions about aquatics volunteering

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If you want to learn a bit more about volunteering with the ASA, take a look through some of our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) below. If you cannot find the answer you are looking for, please contact us by email at

  1. What volunteering opportunities are available?

    There are many different roles and opportunities available to suit everyone’s skills in clubs, on committees and at local, regional and national events. You can find more information on specific roles in our Volunteering Roles section here.

  2. How much time and commitment would volunteering involve?

    This depends on the role and the amount of time you can give, but even the smallest of contributions can really make a difference. Some volunteering tasks may require many hours each week and some only a few each month; some commitments may be ongoing, whereas some roles may be for a specific one-off event. It is always a good idea to check on how much time is required before you agree to take part, thinking carefully and realistically how much time you are able to give.

  3. What skills will I need? 

    This depends on the opportunity. Many roles do not require any specific skills, while others might make use of specific training. The ASA offers many forms of training to support you to upskill as a volunteer. Even if you like the sound of the role you feel you haven’t had the training for – it’s likely we will be able to help!

  4. What can I expect when I sign up as a volunteer? 

    You may need to complete a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check through the club, which is a legal requirement and not a reflection of mistrust on behalf of the club. You might also be asked to sign up as a member of the ASA. You should be given a clear idea of what your role will be and you should have access to appropriate training and support. If there’s anything you aren’t clear about, don’t be afraid to ask someone. The most important thing is making sure that you enjoy your volunteering experience!

  5. Can I claim benefits while volunteering? 

    Yes – the benefits regulations are clear that you can volunteer whilst receiving benefits. You can find all the latest information about volunteering and benefits, including Jobseeker’s Allowance and Incapacity Benefit from Volunteering England.

  6. I am not a British national. Can I volunteer while in the UK?

    Generally there should be no problem accepting someone from outside the UK as a volunteer, but the individual must ensure that immigration rules allow them to do so. Guidelines from Volunteering England can be found here.

  7. Can I volunteer if I have a disability? 

    Of course – we try to ensure that volunteering opportunities are accessible to everyone. The ASA firmly believe aquatics is a ‘Sport for all’. If you have particular concerns, or would like help in finding an opportunity, please contact us by email at

  8. Can I volunteer if I am under 16 or over 75 years of age?

    Young volunteers under 16 will be insured to volunteer as long as they are a member of an ASA affiliated club. There are many opportunities for young people to train and gain experience in different volunteering roles. Insurance will cover ASA members up to 75 years of age. If you would like to volunteer after you turn 75 please speak to your club or email


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