Kelly Podbury

Kelly Podbury ASA National Volunteer Forum profile

Kelly Podbury was literally thrown in to the deep end by her dad at a very young age and it was a case of sink or swim!

Guess what?! She swam and began her love of the sport.

Kelly qualified as Preliminary Teacher in 1991 whilst on the Royal Navy Physical Training course and later qualified as a Level 1 and 2 Teacher, a qualified TA for the RLSS, Level 2 Judge and Level 1 Judge for open water.

Kelly now teaches at Burnham-on-Sea in Somerset and sits on their committee as the Club Secretary, swim21 coordinator, Teacher and Volunteer coordinator, as well as recently taking on Somerset ASA where she volunteered to be the Competition Secretary and Volunteer Coordinator.

A wealth of swimming, committee and organisational experience coupled with a passion for the sport has brought Kelly to both the Forum and the ASA Event Volunteer Programme to help make a difference, to get the news out there and hopefully inspire others to volunteer and love volunteering as much as she does.


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