National Youth Forum

ASA National Youth Forum. Team Photo from September 2015.

Created in 2007, the ASA National Youth Forum was established to provide a voice for young people aged 16 to 25 within the organisation.

The Forum feeds directly into the ASA Volunteer Engagement Team led by Volunteer Engagement Manager Steph Elliott, meeting four times per year.

“Engaged young people are essential to ensure the sustainability of our aquatic clubs and swimming communities. All too often, decisions which affect young people are made with no opportunity for them to be involved in the actual decision making process”.

You can contact the National Youth Forum by emailing or on Twitter at @ASAYouthForum.

Aims of the ASA National Youth Forum

  1. To represent the interests of young people participating or volunteering within aquatics
  2. To develop a network of young people throughout the organisation and the sport
  3. Support the development of regional, county and club Youth Forums
  4. To represent the views of young people across all of the aquatic disciplines including; swimming, diving, water polo, synchronised swimming and open water
  5. Consult on national campaigns, resources and programmes
  6. To act as ambassadors for the sport and the organisation at a local, regional and national level
  7. To highlight what young people can do

ASA National Youth Forum Members

Click on the name of an ASA National Youth Forum member to read more about them:

Youth Forum Development Toolkit

The ASA National Youth Forum Development Toolkit explains how to work with young people involved in clubs to let them have their say in decision making.

Young people are more likely to engage with all aspects of their club, and develop as capable young leaders, with guidance and support from experienced club members.

Providing young people in your club, county or region with the opportunity to work together with their like-minded peers, to have an impact on their surroundings can have a profoundly positive effect.


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