Would you like to try volunteering in 2016?

Want to try something new in 2016? Why not try volunteering?

January offers the opportunity for those (all too frequently broken) New Year’s resolutions to be made, but if you want to try something new in 2016, why not try volunteering? Why not make volunteering the one New Year’s resolution that this year sticks?

There are many benefits of volunteering, both for you and the club you volunteer for. There are lots of different roles available, meaning there is something for everyone. Aquatic clubs up and down the country are always looking for volunteers to support them, and there is so much you can take away from giving back to sport. Here are just a few reasons why you might consider getting involved:

To have fun and meet new people

Volunteering is a fun and enjoyable way to meet new people and start new friendships. There is always an opportunity as a volunteer to do something which you really enjoy. You’re also likely to meet people from different backgrounds and from different walks of life, there is so much you can learn from one another. Most volunteers enjoy volunteering, regardless of why they do it!

To learn something new or develop existing skills

Volunteering offers a fantastic opportunity to learn new skills. This might be a skill you have always wanted to learn, or you could just dip your toe in the water of many roles, to find out what you really enjoy the most.  Alternatively if you have a particular set of skills and want to develop these further, then volunteering can give you the opportunity to do so. You might have web, IT, coaching, budget or finance skills, all of which clubs can make excellent use of. Volunteering can particularly benefit you if you want to build or develop your CV.

Become more involved in the local community and become part of a team 

Aquatic clubs are a real part of the local community. Those who have been a part of an aquatic club, will have experienced how sport, and the love of a sport can bring people together. Supporting one another as part of a team who have the same goals, can really have a positive impact on both yourself and the people around you.

To stay active! 

If this year you want to get fit, get healthy and get active, it isn’t only participating in sport which can help you achieve this goal. Volunteering can get you up on your feet, get out and keep active during the evenings or weekends. Volunteering can form part of your healthy lifestyle.

To spend time with your family

Are your children, brothers, sisters or other family members currently participating or volunteering at your local club? Why not use the opportunity to volunteer as a chance to spend more valuable time with them doing something they love. Working together as part of the same team could be a great way to bring the family closer together.

To give back to the sport

By volunteering your time within aquatics, you could be helping people learn to swim as adults or young children, supporting those who want to swim for fun, playing an important role in the journey of a young aspiring athlete or assisting master’s swimmers sharing their love for the sport. Whatever inspires you, you could have a real impact through just a small contribution of your time.

To gain confidence and improve self-esteem

Let’s not forget, through volunteering you’ll learn and do things that you might not normally get a chance to do, and this can give you a real confidence boost. Confidence that you can use at school, in your personal life or through your career and employment.

If you would like to read more about what it’s like to be an aquatic volunteer from our volunteers themselves, visit our Meet our Volunteers page to hear their stories. If you have never volunteered before but would like to know more, or if you are currently volunteering but would like to try something new please visit our Expression of Interest page.

If your club is in need of more volunteers, please take a look at our Opportunities Noticeboard where you can free of charge advertise volunteer vacancies. You will also find useful resources such as the Good Club Guides, top tips to recruiting volunteers and a guide to supporting volunteers on our Resources page.


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