Students produce video about volunteering at Burnham-on-Sea Swimming Club

Kelly Podbury, Coach and Secretary at Burnham-on-Sea Swimming Club can normally be found poolside at club sessions but during the day is an employee at Weston College in Somerset.

Kelly, who has always been impressed by the talent of the students, jumped at the opportunity to link both the club and the college when the course co-ordinator for the BTEC Extended Diploma Media Production Course asked if she knew of any live client briefs her students could potentially work with.

Kelly mentioned her volunteer role at Burnham-on-Sea Swimming Club and its dedicated volunteer workforce, thinking it could perhaps be a great idea to capture some footage of the club, the swimmers and the incredible volunteers. It would pose an opportunity to recognise the workforce whilst coupled with supporting the local community and a Further Education establishment.

The course organiser, who was quickly on board, selected a group of students for the club to work with. Kelly met with them to discuss what the club would like to see. The students had creative license, but Kelly requested that it was a three minute video which highlighted the club volunteers who work tirelessly to ensure it continues to function.

“The aim of the video was never to advertise the club, but that’s been a bonus. Working in partnership with the students at Weston College has been a fantastic experience.”

The students visited the pool a number of times to interview the volunteers and to capture the footage. Shani Hedges, one of the students who worked on the project said,

“Making the promotional film allowed us to gain insight into how beneficial volunteering is to the club. It was truly inspiring to hear from individuals that thoroughly enjoyed volunteering at the club and how rewarding it is to them”.

The students went away, edited the footage together and on the 11th December 2015 Kelly sat down with a number of other clients for the films screening. Kelly said, “After three minutes I was so emotional, it was just fantastic.”

The video has now been published on the club’s website, and has had a really positive response. The club also continues to have regular interest with new members and volunteers coming forwards.

“It was a privilege to be given the chance to create a film that could potentially help to shape the future of a local swimming club!” – Emily Turner


website: Skylab