Volunteering roles and opportunities in aquatics

Volunteering roles and opportunities.

There are a huge number of volunteering opportunities in England within the aquatics sports, whether it be in a club environment, at an event, or even at county or regional level.

Club Roles

Aquatics clubs are always on the lookout for extra help and there are many different volunteering opportunities and roles to suit people’s skills. Whether you can spare an hour a week or an hour a day, your time will really make a difference.

For those of you who prefer to be poolside, there are teaching and coaching roles, while all clubs need volunteers on the administrative side for roles such as maintaining the website, fundraising or ordering kit.

  1. Download Club Captain PDF
  2. Download Club Chairperson PDF
  3. Download Fundraising Officer PDF
  4. Download Marketing and Press Officer PDF
  5. Download Secretary PDF
  6. Download Swim Meet Announcer PDF
  7. Download Team Manager PDF
  8. Download Treasurer PDF
  9. Download Welfare Officer PDF
  10. Download Workforce Co-ordinator PDF

Event Roles

Aquatics events in England could not take place if it weren’t for the hard work and time given by dedicated volunteers all over the country.

The volunteering opportunities at events include a wide range of roles from becoming the welcoming face on the front desk, running the IT and technology needs of the event, making sure athletes are in the right place at the right time, right down to selecting the music for medal presentations!

  1. Download Athlete Kit Carrier PDF
  2. Download Biographies Manager PDF
  3. Download Biographer or Printed Results Runner PDF
  4. Download Chief Recorder PDF
  5. Download Field of Play Manager PDF
  6. Download Field of Play Marshall PDF
  7. Download Field of Play Team Member PDF
  8. Download Front of House Manager PDF
  9. Download Front of House Team Member PDF
  10. Download Hospitality Manager PDF
  11. Download Hospitality Team Member PDF


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