Coronavirus Safety Guidelines

Swim England are working closely with the venue operator to ensure the Swim England Water Polo National Age Group Championships are planned and delivered in line with the current Government guidelines and robust risk assessments have been developed and agreed.

The safety of all our competitors, spectators, team staff and workforce is paramount and therefore this competition will retain precautions as a duty of care for all involved.

The guidelines that follow are intended to mitigate the transmission risk of Covid-19 and safeguard those attending this year’s championships. Swim England will continue to assess the situation and will provide regular updates on any changes or adaptations to the guidance.

Risk Awareness Declaration

All those attending the event are expected to complete the online COVID-19 and Risk Awareness Declaration Form no more than 7 days prior to arriving on the venue.

IMPORTANT: If you are showing symptoms of the virus or have been in contact with someone displaying symptoms, then you must follow the Government guidance.

If you are planning on attending the Swim England Water Polo National Age Group Championships, we strongly advise that the following precautionary measures are followed:

Ahead of arrival:

  • A lateral flow test within 24 hours of coming to the venue to confirm you are not COVID positive (see ‘on the day’ for further lateral flow test requirements).
  • Completion of Covid-19 & Risk Awareness Declaration Form (see above)

On the day:

  • A lateral flow test each day before coming to the venue to confirm you are not COVID positive.
  • Upon arrival, please follow the directional and informative signage, including the venue’s NHS Test and Trace procedures where a QR code will be on display for scanning in upon entry into the venue.
  • Individuals are strongly encouraged to wear a face covering, when not competing, at all times whilst on venue.
  • Hand sanitising stations will be available throughout the venue and we kindly ask that you regularly use them.
  • All personal belongings, such as water bottles, training equipment and other items, should be for personal use only, not shared and clearly labelled where possible. Any belongings brought into the venue are the responsibility of the owner. Swim England does not accept responsibility for any items that are lost, damaged or stolen.
  • When arriving for competition, please limit the amount of clothing and personal belongings that you bring down to pool deck.

During competition:

  • Equipment that cannot be sanitised in the pool should be appropriately cleaned between activities.
  • Pre-match handshakes will not take place.
  • Nail checks to take place whilst players are in the water and players are to submerge hands hands in pool water once nail check is complete.
  • Players are encouraged to regularly place their hands under the water each time they have interacted with another person or the ball.
  • Goal celebrations should be kept to a minimum.

We advise all players, team staff and spectators to leave the venue as soon as possible once all your matches have concluded. This is to reduce the number of people in the pool hall at any one time.