Join A Swimming Club

Joining a club lets you get a bit more serious about your swimming and meet a load of new like-minded friends.

If you enjoy swimming then joining a club is a really great idea. Not only will you make loads of friends, but you'll receive the best coaching so you can improve and get loads of advice from top swimmers.

There are plenty of swimming clubs around so you should be able to find one that suits you.

Finding a good swimming club

Tell your parents they can find out more about swim21 in our Parents section here.Your parents will probably want to find out about who runs it and whether it has swim21 accreditation, which is the ASA’s 'quality mark'.

It shows the club is committed to helping you to reach your full potential as a swimmer, as well as the people who work at the club.

These are the teachers, coaches and administrators that will support you when you join a club.

Specifically it means:

  • The club is implementing the ASA’s Child Protection Policy to make sure you are safe
  • The club’s coaches, teachers and volunteers have the right qualifications
  • The club will encourage you to do your best and give you suggestions and opportunities to improve and achieve your potential

If the club is not part of the scheme then your parents should ask them why and encourage them to join!

Baby Swimming Lesson Guidelines - Teachers