Swimming and Water Safety in Schools

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Show your support for primary schools with the Swimming Safety Pledge

Help raise awareness of the importance of teaching swimming and water safety in schools by making your Swimming Safety Pledge.

Making sure children are able to take part in swimming and water safety lessons at primary school is everyone’s responsibility.

We are asking people to pledge to do all they can to ensure children are taught swimming and water safety at primary school.

How can I make a difference?

Headteachers and teachers
  • Make sure you are utilising your PE and Sport Premium to give staff the skills they need to deliver swimming and water safety lessons. The Premium can also be used to provide Top-up lessons for young people who may be struggling.
  • Talk to other schools about sharing transport costs or facilities.
  • Check and challenge your lesson provider to ensure they are teaching the national curriculum requirements.
  • Sign up to national water safety initiatives to support your lessons.
School Governors
  • Check and challenge your primary school about their swimming and water safety programme, and attainment figures.
  • All primary schools must publish information about their swimming and water safety attainment levels - check your school does this.
  • Check and challenge your school about their use of the PE and Sport Premium - are they making the most of it?
Parents / Grandparents / Aunts / Uncles / Friends

Primary schools have to deliver swimming and water safety lessons to all pupils during Key Stage 1 or 2. This could be one lesson a week for a term, or an intensive two/three week programme where they swim everyday.

  • Check and challenge your school; ask them about their swimming and water safety provision and attainment figures. Are they good enough?
  • If your school does provide lessons, are you aware of your child's ability in the three areas of the national curriculum programme?
Pool operators and lesson providers
  • Talk to your local schools about their swimming needs.
  • Make sure your swimming teachers know what pupils require to meet the national curriculum requirements.

Pledge your support

Show your commitment to supporting curriculum swimming and water safety by sharing your pledge on social media using #IPledge and #SwimmingSafety.

Download the infographics below: