Big School Swim 2016 Resources

We are taking part image for Big School Swim 2016 event.

We hope that you enjoyed joining in with our Big School Swim 2016, a celebration of 125 years of swimming on the National Curriculum for primary schools.

Don’t forget that you can still use the resources below to hold Big School Swim sessions to teach your pupils the importance of school swimming, how school swimming has changed over the years and use the lesson plans to hold special lessons.

You can also take a look at our YouTube channel to watch videos from the event and hear from Olympians about their views on the importance of learning to swim.

Join in the Big School Swim 2016

At the pool:

We have provided a set of lesson plans to allow you to turn your swimming lesson into a Big School Swim themed session. You can download these and more in the Big School Swim 2016 resources section below, under Big School Swim lesson plans.

In your school:

We have provided a PowerPoint presentation which covers a history of School Swimming, as well as fun games for the classroom including a wordsearch, crossword and quiz.

You can download these and more in the Big School Swim 2016 resources section below, under the Games and Letter and presentation templates folders.


If you want to join in online, then you can use the hashtag #BigSchoolSwim to link in with us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. We have provided a selection of downloadable graphics for you to share on your social networks, so help us spread the word about the importance of school swimming.

Big School Swim 2016 resources

Images for you to share

Download images and promote your Big School Swim 2016 event to families at your school.


Download the full sized images below. Simply click the links, then right click on the image which appears and select ‘Save Image As’:


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