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Tips for improving your butterfly body position

Improving your butterfly body position and mastering those undulations will help you swim a more efficient butterfly stroke.

Read our butterfly body position tips from our resident Swim England coaches Lucy and Carolyn, or watch the video below to improve your swimming.

Butterfly Body Position Tips

  • Your body will undulate throughout butterfly in a wave-like motion.
  • The crown of your head leads the undulation followed by your chest, hips and finally your feet.
  • The head position varies from just under the water, to your chin on the surface of the water whilst breathing in.
  • When your head is just under the water, your hips will rise. When your head is on the surface of the water, your hips will lower and this causes the undulation.
  • Timing your stroke is absolutely key to butterfly! It is tempting to overthink the stroke and this is when the rhythm goes. If the rhythm is out of sync then it creates extra resistance, making it more challenging.

More Tips To Improve Your Butterfly