Swim England Members

Coach Membership from £59 a year including enhanced insurance and professional membership status.

General Insurance benefits of membership

Swim England affiliated club members receive general insurance cover which includes Civil Liability Cover, Employer’s Liability, Personal Accident Insurance (limited insurance for 70-85 yrs) and Legal Expenses Insurance.

Whether you are a participant, teacher, coach or an officer responsible for running a club, click here to visit the Swim England Insurance Centre to access information about general insurance included in membership affiliation to Swim England.

Cover is provided for all Club members, including volunteers/casual helpers. Indemnity extends to:

  • club activities, including training for and competitive swimming, as well as social, fund rising and administrative activities.
  • a club member who causes injury, damage or financial loss to a fellow member
  • a club which borrows, rents or leases a premises for sporting or social purposes and is held liable for damage to the facility.