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Coach Membership from £59 a year including enhanced insurance and professional membership status.

Your guide to the Coach Membership industry-leading insurance package

Insurance is a key component of Swim England’s Coach Membership – and gives aquatic coaches peace of mind they are protected if something goes wrong.

Independent insurance experts Howden specialise in delivering insurance and risk management solutions to sport and entertainment clients.

Howden is the insurance broker to Swim England and has been developing insurance packages for Swim England for more than 20 years.

Here, Amanda Wynne-Jones, an Associate Director from Howden, explains why insurance is so important and the type of insurance included in the Coach Membership.

Insurance is a method of transferring the risk to protect from financial loss.

Be it injury to a third party or yourself, damage to the pool where you operate or access to legal support these could all lead to a financial loss to a coach.

Howden has worked with Swim England to provide insurance within the membership package to address the typical insurance needs of coaches whilst undertaking their coaching activity.

We all have a duty of care to those around us. Allegations for negligence can arise suggesting you have breached that duty of care and defending these allegations can be stressful and costly.
Liability Insurance supports you through the process of defence and the costs involved including awards for successful claims against you.

If you injure yourself whilst coaching and have a life changing injury or are unable to work the Personal Accident insurance has fixed benefits available dependant on your injury.

If the pool where you operate is damaged or plant breakdown occurs resulting in the temporary closure of more than 14 days, the Revenue Insurance provides a contribution towards your loss of revenue
You may need legal assistant when managing your coaching activity and the Legal Helpline is available to access legal advice.

The legal policy can also provide support if you have an employment dispute with your employer or a contract dispute with the company who engage you as a coach.

As with all insurance policies terms, conditions and exclusions apply. When you become a member, a summary of the insurances is provided with your membership documents.

In addition to the insurances provided automatically within Swim England Coach Membership, you may feel that you need additional insurance or higher limits for your own personal circumstances and Howden would be happy to separately discuss any additional individual insurance needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Insuring your coaching is an essential part of the role as you are providing a professional service and may be held responsible for an injury to another person or damage to their property. In circumstances like these, it is essential that you have appropriate insurance protection. Without insurance, you will need to defend yourself, putting your personal wealth at risk. Becoming a Coach (or Coach Plus) Member helps you to manage your insurance risks, so you can concentrate on helping others.

Howden is the insurance brokers to Swim England and arrange the insurances on our behalf. The membership package gives the coach access to the insurance purchased by Swim England and details of the insurers is noted in the summary of insurance provided.

Howden is an insurance broker specialising in sport and entertainment for more than 40 years, arranging insurance and risk management support for more than 300 national governing bodies across a wide range of sports, including Swim England, Scottish Swimming, Swim Wales, British Swimming, Institute of Swimming, Rugby Football Union, Lawn Tennis Association, England Cricket Board, EMDUK and the Professional Golfers’ Association. Howden’s global team has more than 300 years of collective experience and has developed online platforms and technology to support the service we deliver.

The coach membership insurance package has been developed by industry experts using many years of experience with the aim to meet the typical insurance needs for the majority of coaches. If, for any reason, a coach has individual circumstances which requires a higher level of cover, Howden (or an alternative provider) would be happy to discuss further.

All claims are dealt with independently of Swim England via the insurance broker Howden, other than in the case of legal expenses or legal helpline where coaches will liaise with Abbey/Markel. Claim contact information is provided with your membership documents. Your membership will be validated with Swim England if a claim occurs.

Swim England Coach Membership packages offer many benefits, including learning and development opportunities, discounts on high street shops, wellbeing support, and free access to UKCoaching platforms (Coach Plus membership), in addition to being part of a wider insurance policy allowing Swim England to give this cover in a more cost-effective way.

Yes. The policy includes public liability and professional indemnity insurance which protects you if you are held responsible or are found to be negligent resulting in loss, property damage or injury while teaching, coaching or officiating to the level of your qualification. This includes:

  • Public liability
  • Professional indemnity
  • Cover against libel and slander
  • Liability for damage to leased and rented premises
  • Member to member liability
  • Indemnity to principals
  • Liability arising out of goods sold or supplied including refreshments

Yes. The policy also provides personal accident insurance with fixed benefits as a result of death, permanent total disablement or temporary total disablement injuries arising from your coaching activities. If you require higher benefits or sickness/ income protection, please contact Howden or your insurance adviser to discuss your individual insurance needs.

Yes, the policy contributes towards your lost income due to temporary closure of a swimming pool that is damaged or has an identifiable breakdown, explosion or collapse of any electrical or mechanical equipment and is located within UK and the Republic of Ireland. If you require business interruption insurance to protect your full revenue at risk in respect of the pool(s) where you operate, please contact Howden or your insurance adviser to discuss your individual insurance needs.

Yes. UK members are provided with access to legal helplines to help you manage your legal responsibilities as a swimming coach. The cover also extends to provide legal expenses for certain matters, including:

  • Employment disputes - pursuit
  • Contract disputes - pursuit
  • Internal disciplinary hearings - representation
  • Bodily injury - pursuit

It is essential that you obtain advice from the legal expenses insurer before you act to ensure that you do not prejudice your position. If insurers have not been contacted prior to your action, they are unlikely to support the claim.

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