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Exclusive offer for Swim England clubs

From 10 April 2024, Swim England clubs can access an exclusive offer with printing and copying provider SOS. Clubs will be able to lease a new state-of-the-art Heat Free Epson C878 device and receive the first 20,000 mono and colour copies/prints worth up to £1150 for free.

This offer is part of SOS’s new National Framework Contract, designed solely for Swim England clubs.

Epson Heat-Free Technology

· Reduced power consumption saves energy. Heat-Free Printing Technology lowers the need for power because it doesn’t use heat to warm up.

· Epson tests show that, as inkjets have no fuse unit to heat, clubs can save up to 80% on energy.

· With fewer parts to replace, clubs improve their carbon footprint and lower environmental impact. Laser printers have drums, transfer belts and fuses that can require periodic replacement. Inkjet printers feature none of these parts, avoiding the need for their replacement.

· Reduced maintenance The Heat-Free structure of Epson inkjet printers means that there aren’t as many parts as possible that can wear out, which means less maintenance intervention.

· Save time with ready-to-go printing. No heat also means no warm-up time when the printer is switched on or woken from sleep. It starts printing immediately to assist club users.

For more details and to get the offer visit SOS Group.