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Swimming Endurance Pool Training Session 21

In Pool Training Session 21 you will swim 64 lengths of a 25 metre pool, or 1600 metres.

 Session 21

Pool Training Session 21

View the warm up, skill development, main set or swim down parts of the session below.

Flame icon for Warm UpWarm Up
  • Swim 18 lengths using a swim stroke of your choice, easy effort.
  • Rest until your breathing returns to normal.
Spanner Icon for Skill DevelopmentSkill Development
  • Swim 14 lengths using your first choice of stroke.
  • Count the number of strokes on the first length, then aim to maintain the same number of strokes on subsequent lengths.
Lightning Icon for Main SetMain Set
  • Swim 20 lengths using your first choice of stroke using the following set:
    • 4 lengths, steady effort, rest for 15 seconds.
    • 4 lengths, hard effort rest for 30 seconds.
    • 4 lengths, maximum effort, rest for one minute.
    • 4 lengths, steady effort rest for 30 seconds.
    • 4 lengths, easy effort, rest for 15 seconds.
Download icon for Swim DownSwim Down
  • Swim 12 lengths alternating lengths between two different strokes.
  • Swim at easy effort.

What’s Next?

How did this session feel?

If you struggled towards the end of the session, why not try it again next time you visit the pool?

If you think you’re ready to progress, move up to Session 22.