Swim England Members

Coach Membership from £59 a year including enhanced insurance and professional membership status.

Try GoCardless for free for 90 days

GoCardless are proud to be Swim England’s Official Payments Partner, helping to make it easier for clubs to collect payments. We already help Clubs up and down the country to collect their membership fees automatically via Direct Debit. It means less admin, less chasing and less stress about who’s paid and who hasn’t.

And we can help with those one-off payments for galas, kit and meet fees too. You can add them directly to a member’s direct debit payment, or use GoCardless Instant Bank Pay to take payment immediately.

We’re offering a 90 day fee-free trial so you can see for yourself how GoCardless can help you save time and stay in control of your club’s finances.

How to claim GoCardless’ offer

  1. Sign up and create your new GoCardless account via www.gocardless.com
  2. Click the ‘Claim Now’ button within your new account
  3. Start collecting payments! Enjoy 90 days without transaction fees on your successful payments

Full details can be found in the promotional T&Cs here.

What to expect from GoCardless

  • Get paid on time – we pull payments directly from your customers’ bank accounts. No more late payments. No more chasing. No more awkward conversations.
  • Reduce stress – get peace of mind about how and when you’ll get paid with a reliable, proven system that keeps cash flowing.
  • Save time and money – automated payment collection, lower fees and less time spent chasing payments reduces your overall cost of taking payments.
  • Stay in control – have greater visibility over your payments, managing your requests and payees all in one online place.

Get started today

Claim 90 days fee free today, or check out our dedicated Swim England area on the GoCardless website to find out more about how we can help you to get paid on time, every time.