Swimming and Water Safety in Schools


Charter Resources for Lesson Providers

Use the links below to download individual Charter Resource files for the Swim England School Swimming and Water Safety Charter.

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COVID-19 support

Below you will find links to guidance and resources to support schools in making a safe return to the pool, following COVID-19:

Returning to the Pool Guidance for School Swimming.docx
Returning to Pools Supporting Resources.pdf
Guidance for full opening: Schools (GOV.UK).pdf
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General Resources

Here you’ll find every outcome for each of the eight Swim England School Swimming and Water Safety Awards.

You may also like to use this ‘provider to school’ template, or take ideas from the cross curricular document and school video.

Provider to School Template.docx
School Swimming Award Outcomes.pdf
Cross Curricular Ideas.pdf
School Video.mp4
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Video Resources

School swimming and water safety national curriculum requirements

These three short films give explanations of the three national curriculum requirements for swimming and water safety.

Swim 25m – Explanatory Note.mp4
Use A Range Of Strokes – Explanatory Note.mp4
Perform Safe Self-Rescue – Explanatory Note.mp4

Strokes – All pupils

These videos show pupils performing each of the strokes to the minimum acceptable standard for the national curriculum. This is what all pupils in your class should work towards.

Backstroke – Minimum Standard.mp4
Breaststroke – Minimum Standard.mp4
Front Crawl – Minimum Standard.mp4

Water safety and self-rescue

These videos show pupils correctly performing essential water safety and safe self-rescue skills outlined in the national curriculum and School Swimming and Water Safety Charter.

Self-rescue – Beach flags.mp4
Self-rescue – Climb out.mp4
Self-rescue – Example circuit.mp4
Self-rescue – Fall in, float and recover.mp4
Self-rescue – HELP.mp4
Self-rescue – Huddle position.mp4
Self-rescue – Personal survival stroke.mp4
Self-rescue – Q and A.mp4
Self-rescue – Shout and signal.mp4
Self-rescue – Travel on back.mp4
Self-rescue – Tread water and signal.mp4
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Guidance Documents
Below you’ll find detailed guidance – along with hints, tips and templates for planning and delivering your lessons.You’ll also find an in-depth guide to water safety around different water environments.

Water Safety.pdf
Planning the Lesson.pdf
Delivering the Lesson.pdf

Below is the Swim England School Swimming Assessment Tool. It’s an easy-to-use digital action planning document that can be used to improve school swimming for pupils with SEND.

The tool guides discussion between schools, swimming lesson providers and pool operators so barriers to participation can be identified and solutions implemented by adapting lesson plans and facilities.

School Swimming Assessment Tool.docx
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Charter Stamp
As a Swim England School Swimming and Water Safety Charter member, we encourage you to use this Charter logo on any presentations, communication and your website where you refer to school swimming lessons to show that you’re taking school swimming and water safety seriously.Below you’ll find the files and a guidance document on usage.

Charter Stamp Guidelines.pdf
Charter Stamp – Black.jpg
Charter Stamp – Grey.jpg
Charter Stamp – Grey.eps
Charter Stamp – White.png
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Lesson Planning
Here you’ll find templates for initial and ongoing assessment, along with suggested lesson plans for each Award level. But of course we suggest you continue developing lesson plans with your schools to keep them fresh, fun and exciting for pupils.

Lesson Plan Template.docx
First Assessment Lesson template.docx
Scheme of Work – Awards 1-6.pdf
Assessment Sheet.xlsx
Award 1File
Lesson Plan – Award 1.pdf
Lesson Plan – Award 1b.pdf
Lesson Plan – Award 1c.pdf
Award 2File
Lesson Plan – Award 2a.pdf
Lesson Plan – Award 2b.pdf
Lesson Plan – Award 2c.pdf
Award 3File
Lesson Plan – Award 3a.pdf
Lesson Plan – Award 3b.pdf
Lesson Plan – Award 3c.pdf
Award 4File
Lesson Plan – Award 4a.pdf
Lesson Plan – Award 4b.pdf
Lesson Plan – Award 4c.pdf
Award 5File
Lesson Plan – Award 5a – backstroke.pdf
Lesson Plan – Award 5b.pdf
Lesson Plan – Award 5c.pdf
Lesson Plan – Award 5d.pdf
Award 6File
Lesson Plan – Award 6a.pdf
Lesson Plan – Award 6b.pdf
Lesson Plan – Award 6c.pdf
Water SafetyFile
Water Safety Lesson Plan 1.pdf
Water Safety Lesson Plan 2.pdf
Water Safety Lesson Plan 3.pdf