Swimming and Water Safety in Schools

Charter Resources for Schools

Use the links below to download individual Charter Resource files for the Swim England School Swimming and Water Safety Charter.

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General Resources

Here you’ll find every outcome for each of the eight Swim England School Swimming and Water Safety Awards.

You may also like to use this press release template to shout about your school becoming a Charter member.

Charter Press Release Template.docx
School Swimming Award Outcomes.pdf
Podcast: School Swimming and water safety
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Big School Swim Resources

All of Big School Swim 2019 resources are available to download for free from our secure Box folder.

These will help you deliver the Big School Swim 2019 at your school.

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School Swimming Certificates
When your pupil completes each level make sure you reward them with an Award – each Award tells the pupils what they are now able to do.

Remember to give them their achievement sticker for their progress card (passport).

School Swimming Certificate 1.docx
School Swimming Certificate 2.docx
School Swimming Certificate 3.docx
School Swimming Certificate 4.docx
School Swimming Certificate 5.docx
School Swimming Certificate 6.docx
School Swimming Certificate Aquatic Skills.docx
School Swimming Certificate Self Rescue.docx
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Guidance Documents
Below you’ll find detailed guidance – along with hints, tips and templates for planning and delivering your lessons.

You’ll also find an in-depth guide to water safety around different water environments.

Water Safety.pdf
Planning the Lesson.pdf
Delivering the Lesson.pdf
Sustainable school pools study.pdf
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Charter Stamp
As a Swim England School Swimming and Water Safety Charter member, we would encourage you to use this Charter logo on any presentations, communication and your school PE website to show that your school is taking school swimming and water safety seriously.

Below you’ll find the files and a guidance document on usage.

Charter Stamp Guidelines.pdf
Charter Stamp – Black.jpg
Charter Stamp – Grey.jpg
Charter Stamp – Grey.eps
Charter Stamp – White.png
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School Champion Communication Templates

Use these templates to help you communicate effectively about your plans for swimming this term/school year with your lesson provider/pool operator.

Champion to Provider 1.docx
Champion to Provider 2.docx
Champion to Provider 3.docx

Use these templates to help you communicate effectively about your plans for swimming this term/school year with your pupils parents.

Champion to Parent 1.docx
Champion to Parent 2.docx
Champion to Parent 3.docx
Champion to Parent 4.docx
Champion to Parent 5.docx
Champion to Parent 6.docx

Use these templates to help your pupils understand what they will be doing and learning in their swimming and water safety lessons this term/school year.

Champion to Pupil 1.docx
Champion to Pupil 2.docx
Champion to Pupil 3.docx
Champion to Pupil 4.docx
Champion to Pupil 5.docx
Champion to Pupil 6.docx

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Teaching Resources

Use these cross-curricular ideas to get you started on planning your lessons – and why not try using this presentation in assembly?

Cross-Curricular Ideas.pdf
Assembly Presentation.pptx

School swimming and water safety national curriculum requirements

This series of short films gives explanations and demonstrations of the three national curriculum requirements for swimming and water safety.

The footage shows pupils performing each of the strokes and key skills in water safety and self-rescue. The strokes and skills demonstrated in the footage are the minimum standard, which all pupils should work towards.

1 Swim 25 metres – explanatory note.mp4
2 Front crawl – minimum standard.mp4
3 Backstroke – minimum standard.mp4
4 Breaststroke – minimum standard.mp4
5 Use a range of strokes – explanatory note.mp4
6 Safe self-rescue – explanatory note.mp4
7 Self- rescue- Fall in, float and recover.mp4
8 Self-rescue – Tread water and signal.mp4
9 Self-rescue – Personal survival stroke.mp4
10 Self-rescue – Huddle position.mp4
11 Self-rescue – Climb out.mp4
12 Self-rescue – Travel on back.mp4
13 Self-rescue – Q and A.mp4
14 Self-rescue – Shout and signal.mp4
15 Self-rescue – Beach flags.mp4

Here are some quick lesson tips from our learn to swim experts.

Adam Goymer.mp4
Bethan Laker.mp4
Katie Towner.mp4
Mandy Mason.mp4
School Video.mp4