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School swimming and water safety national curriculum requirements

These three short films give explanations of the three national curriculum requirements for swimming and water safety.

Swim 25m - Explanatory Note.mp4
Use A Range Of Strokes - Explanatory Note.mp4
Perform Safe Self-Rescue - Explanatory Note.mp4
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First assessment lesson

This film explains how the first lesson in your school swimming programme should look.

First Assessment Lesson.mp4
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These videos show pupils performing each of the strokes to the minimum acceptable standard for the national curriculum.

This is what all pupils in your class should work towards.

Backstroke - Minimum Standard.mp4
Breaststroke - Minimum Standard.mp4
Front Crawl - Minimum Standard.mp4

These videos show pupils performing a progression from the minimum standard.

This is what most of your pupils should be encouraged to work towards if they meet the minimum requirement quickly.

Backstroke - Most Pupils.mp4
Breaststroke - Most Pupils.mp4
Front Crawl - Most Pupils.mp4

These videos show pupils performing further progressions in the strokes.

These are recommended for some pupils who are excelling in your school swimming programme and need additional engagement.

Backstroke - Minimum Standard.mp4
Breaststroke - Minimum Standard.mp4
Front Crawl - Minimum Standard.mp4

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Water safety and self-rescue
These videos show pupils correctly performing essential water safety and safe self-rescue skills outlined in the national curriculum and School Swimming and Water Safety Charter.

Self-rescue - Beach flags.mp4
Self-rescue - Climb out.mp4
Self-rescue - Example circuit.mp4
Self-rescue - Fall in, float and recover.mp4
Self-rescue - HELP.mp4
Self-rescue - Huddle position.mp4
Self-rescue - Personal survival stroke.mp4
Self-rescue - Q and A.mp4
Self-rescue - Shout and signal.mp4
Self-rescue - Travel on back.mp4
Self-rescue - Tread water and signal.mp4
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Additional lesson activities

These videos show different types of safe entry and exits from the pool

Side Exit.mp4
Straddle Entry.mp4
Swivel Entry.mp4
Walk In and Walk Out.mp4

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Cross-curricular links
These videos provide examples of engaging teacher-led activities that provide links with other subjects in the curriculum such as science, maths and English.

Teacher led activity - Alphabet floats.mp4
Teacher led activity - Clock.mp4
Teacher led activity - Push and glide with measurement.mp4
Teacher led activity - Word search.mp4
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Teacher tips

Here are some quick lesson tips from our learn to swim experts.

Adam Goymer.mp4
Bethan Laker.mp4
Katie Towner.mp4
Mandy Mason.mp4
School Video.mp4

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