School Swimming Charter Champions

Swimming teacher in pool surrounded by happy kids. Be a school swimming Champion for the kids in your school.

Once your primary school has signed up to be in partnership to the School Swimming Charter, you need to make sure you’re getting the best from all the resources and support we provide.

It’s people who make things happen, but we’re all busy and under pressure. Often staff find they simply don’t have the time to focus on swimming when there are so many other priorities in a school day.

That’s why we’d like you to nominate a specific member of staff to be a Charter Champion, a central point of contact within your school to take responsibility for co-ordinating and communicating tasks.

This may be a particular class teacher who enjoys or has previous experience in swimming lessons, a teaching assistant or even a governor. It doesn’t necessarily matter who it is, they just need to be active and enthusiastic, and happy to take on tasks such as:

  • Working with the swimming lesson provider and/or local authority to make sure arrangements are clear in terms of times, dates and transport
  • Keeping pupil swimming attainment records up-to-date
  • Distributing School Swimming Passports and encouraging their use
  • Awarding badges, certificates and passport stickers at school assemblies
  • Communicating with parents about their child’s attainment levels
  • Challenging the swimming teachers to provide the best possible quality lessons

If you haven’t already signed up to receive all of the template materials to support your teaching staff in their delivery of school swimming, sign up here.

And if you’ve signed up, but haven’t nominated your School Swimming Champion, just email with your school name, the name of the champion and an email address.

Ideally, the School Swimming Champion should be trained via the National Curriculum Training Programme (NCTP) course to add to their knowledge and skills.


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