Categories of ASA Membership

Below you’ll find an explanation of, and information about, the different categories of ASA membership.

Full Membership

ASA Category 1 - 2016 ASA membership fee £8.70
For members of any age who are learning to swim or who are swimmers at any level, who do not compete in any discipline in open competition (other than those exempted under Law 321.1.2 and those competitions designated as ‘Low Level Competition’.)

ASA Category 2 - 2016 ASA membership fee £25.50
For members of any age who compete in any discipline in open competitions (other than those exempted under Law 321.1.2 and those competitions designated as ‘Low Level Competition’.)

Competitive members benefit from a structured competitive pathway at all levels in all disciplines.

ASA Category 3 - 2016 ASA membership fee £5.00
For members of any age who are not in categories 1 or 2 including, but not being limited to, any persons who have voting rights in their club by virtue of being a parent of, or a person with parental responsibility for, a member in categories 1 or 2; administrators; associate members; coaches; helpers; honorary members; life members; officers; qualified officials of any discipline; patrons; teachers; temporary members; vice-presidents and verifiers or tutors of the Association’s educational certificates. 

If you are unsure which category relates to the activity you participate click here to see which membership is right for you.

Temporary Membership

ASA Category 2 - 2015 ASA temporary membership fee £15.00
Available to anyone who wishes to take part in a competition who is not a member of an ASA affiliated club. The competition promoter must agree to accept entries from temporary members. If the competition schedule is to take place over a number of dates temporary membership will cover all dates of the competition.

  • Category 2 temporary membership forms will be available on request from the promoter of the competition. The forms must be completed by the individual and returned together with the competition entry form, the competition entry fee and the ASA temporary membership fee. The promoter will then consider the application and forward a copy of the membership form to ASA Membership Services and a copy to the competitor as confirmation of temporary membership.
  • Category 2 temporary membership is only valid for the specified competition. However an individual may apply for temporary membership for further competitions on completion of a new form and payment of the £15 fee per competition.

ASA Category 3 - 2015 ASA temporary membership fee £5.00
Covers anyone wishing to become a volunteer in the sport. This may be as a result of a sports course and/or a leadership award. The membership will be valid until 31 December 2015 and is limited to one temporary period per individual.

ASA Student Membership

How much is the ASA Student Membership fee?
The annual fee for this type of membership is £5.00. The membership year runs from 1 October-30 September.

Why have a separate membership for students?
There are a considerable number of students competing in the British Universities and College Sports (BUCS) events who are not members of an ASA club but who may be interested in competing in ASA 18-24 events, Masters and Open Water events if there were an affordable ASA membership available. These swimmers are members of university or college clubs which are not affiliated to the ASA as they are mainly recreational and social clubs.

Who can become an ASA Student Member?
Students who attend a college, university or similar institution which is a member of the British Colleges Sport (BCS) or BUCS and who are not current members of an affiliated ASA Club.

What ASA / British Swimming events can a Student Member compete in?
Student members are permitted to enter the following events:

  • ASA 18-24 events at County, Regional and National level
  • ASA Masters events at County, Regional and National level
  • British Swimming 18-24 events and National level
  • British Swimming Masters events at National level
  • ASA Open Water events at County, Regional and National level
  • Open meets in the above criteria only - subject to agreement by the Promoter

Can an ASA club member who attends a College or University take up Student Membership?
No, ASA Student Membership is only available to those students who are not current members of an ASA club.

What club will an ASA Student member compete under?
Student members taking up this type of membership will compete under the banner of ‘British Universities and Colleges Sport’ (BUCS). Student members will not be listed under their respective university or any other affiliated ASA club/organisation.

How do I take up ASA Student Membership?
ASA Student Membership forms are available from ASA Membership Services by emailing On completion of the form return to ASA Membership Services along will a copy of your student card and a cheque for £5.00 made payable to the ASA.

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