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Lobbying the Government

As the National Governing Body for swimming, diving, water polo and artistic swimming, we are dedicated to fighting for the support that our sports need.

As well as leading the campaign to have pools reopened as soon as possible to secure a return to the water for all our clubs and members – of all ages, we’re also pushing for the financial support our pools and clubs need to help them survive the impact of Covid-19.

Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic we’ve been the loud voice speaking up for swimming, diving, water polo and artistic swimming. We’ve been busy in the media raising the profile of the issues facing our sports to make sure our sports can’t be ignored.

Behind the scenes we’ve also been busy meeting politicians, lobbying the Prime Minister and other ministers, engaging with civil servants and submitting evidence to parliamentary inquiries on behalf of the sector to highlight the importance of swimming to the country and the vital role

With your help we’ve already been successful in securing £100 million of funding to support pools but we know there is more to do and more help is needed.

We’re committed to securing the long term investment needed to ensure we have the pools we need for the future to help our sports grow.

Finally, at Swim England we are determined to use our position to push for environmental improvements to clean our waters, reduce the amount of plastic in our rivers and seas and improve access to outdoor swimming opportunities for swimmers to enjoy.

Your membership enables us to continue this vital campaigning work on behalf of everyone who enjoys the water.

Together we are stronger. By being a Swim England member, you’re part of the 200,000 strong community, helping us to be the powerful voice that is needed so much right now.