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How you can help support Swim England’s #OpenOurPools campaign

Swim England is encouraging its members, supporters, clubs, coaches, teachers, swim schools, swimmers and facility operators to back its #OpenOurPools campaign to ensure that swimming pools are allowed to reopen at the end of the current national lockdown period.

Swimming pools are well managed, controlled environments that are essential for peoples physical and mental health. Remaining active and healthy is a key part of the battle against Covid-19, swimming pools are needed to play their part in helping the nation.

We are urging Prime Minister Boris Johnson to open swimming pools at the earliest opportunity – and there are a number of ways you can get involved:

Sign the #SaveOurSports petition

Grassroots sport, fitness and leisure facilities are facing collapse due to Covid-19. We have joined the call on government to put in place funding in the form of a Sports Recovery Fund to ensure that sport clubs, fitness and leisure facilities can survive in the coming difficult months.

Write to your MP

Download our template letter and send to your MP asking them to lobby the Prime Minister to #OpenOurPools at the earliest opportunity.

Tweet your MP

We have created a number of social posts that you could use on your channels to encourage the Government to #OpenOurPools.

.@BorisJohnson @OliverDowden @Swim_England – Swimming pools are vital to nation’s physical and mental health in battle against Covid-19, please #SaveOurSports and #OpenOurPools

.@BorisJohnson @OliverDowden @Swim_England – Swimming pools are safe, well managed environments. 45 million visits since July, with an overall rate of just 0.99 cases per 100,000 visits

Grassroots sport, fitness and leisure facilities are facing collapse due to Covid-19. I’ve signed the #SaveOurSports petition calling for funding to help them survive! Please sign if you haven’t already @Swim_England [tag your MP] https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/553619

#OpenOurPools. Remaining active is so vital for peoples physical and mental health and helps in the fight against Covid-19. #SaveOurSports @Swim_England

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