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A nation swimming


A nation swimming

Welcome to the Swim England Inclusion Hub! Here you can find out more about the work we’re doing to ensure our aquatic sports are open to everyone.

Please do check back as we continue to develop this hub. If you have any questions or feedback about the work we’re doing please email equality@swimming.org.


Our Diversity and Inclusion Action Plan

Our ‘DIAP’ lays out the actions we are taking to address inequalities within aquatics.

The plan will be published annually with updates provided on all of the listed actions.

Whilst we produce our next organisational strategy we have created an overview of everything that will be happening throughout 2022.


Our Equality Policy

Our Equality Policy was initially produced to prevent and address any unlawful discrimination or other unfair treatment which may prevent individuals from participating fully in aquatics. To this extent, this policy remains a cornerstone of what we do.

As can be seen in our DIAP, we will be updating this policy later in 2022. Our accompanying anti-racism statement can be viewed here.


Our Learn to Swim Programme

Our Learn to Swim programme will often be many swimmers first experience of the water.

In order to make it as inclusive as possible the Learn to Swim team have created a hub specifically for teachers.