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Business Solutions

With more than 150 years of experience, we work in the heart of the industry. We have a clear ambition to create a society where everyone has the opportunity to learn how to swim, is supported to develop their skills, and safely enjoy the water throughout their lifetime.

Our mission is simple, to empower excellence through collaboration.

Working collaboratively with partners throughout the sector, we offer a supportive approach to business growth and strategic development. Harnessing an insight led methodology, the business solution aims to incorporate industry leading insight, experience and best practise knowledge to help operators create sustainable solutions to aquatic business development.

The overview of our products include:

Latent demand

Facility build and design consultation

Feasibility and business planning

Operational and strategic consultation

We work with you – for you. We want to share the aspirations of your organisation, to grow aquatic provisions, in turn increasing the opportunity for swimming within a locality and strengthening the financial position of the operator.

To find out how we could help, please contact natalie.mcguire@swimming.org.