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Pool Schematics

The Swim England Pool Schematics is a bespoke package designed around your pool.

In conjunction with our Learn to Swim experts, the Technical Aquatics Managers, will assess your pool and map out layouts to fit with the Learn to Swim Programme outcomes.

These layouts could also increase the potential within your pool by:

  • Adding more classes
  • Driving attendance figures and income

▶️ Watch Tom Blakeley explain how it works and the benefits to your swim school

Once the pool layouts have been designed and agreed upon, the Learn to Swim team will train your staff on each new layout for you, saving you essential time and allowing you to continue running your swim school.

Training will include both online support and poolside training to practice the delivery of the new layouts.

Each layout will be explained in detail, including the rationale for the change and the best teaching practices for each area, leaving you fully equipped to deliver the best Learn to Swim Programme possible.

To find out more about Pool Schematics and to get a quote please contact us below.