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Swim England’s dedicated coaching team works across the four aquatic disciplines.

The team is committed to expanding and providing further support to the coaching workforce which will help to improve coaching from the grassroots of our sports all the way up to elite level.

Developing unique experiences for coaches so that they can learn new skills as well as developing and sharing their knowledge across the community.

Our work is directed by the Swim England Coaching Plan 2023-25.

Train to become a Certified Swim England Coach

As a coach, you inspire and deliver success at every level, this programme gives you the tools to apply this knowledge to coaching athletes at all levels; improving their performance while keeping them committed to the sport.

Each discipline has its own pathway taking you from Assistant Coach, Coach to Senior Coach.

Assistant Coach

As an aspiring coach, this course will equip you with the knowledge and tools to actively support a coach in the delivery of a planned training session.

We work with our regional teams to provide subsidised coaching courses for clubs.

If you want to develop your skills, look at the opportunities available to become an assistant coach.


Builds on the Swim England Assistant Coach certificate, developing your knowledge, skills and abilities ahead of becoming an independent coach.

If you are already an assistant coach and want to develop your skills, look at the opportunities available to become an independant coach.

Senior Coach

The Senior Coach programme will equip you with the knowledge and skills to be able to create and deliver a holistic, individualised development programmes which optimise the potential of aspiring athletes, at both youth and senior level.

If you are already a coach and want to develop your skills, look at the opportunities to become a senior coach.


Learning and development

The team have developed a comprehensive suite of opportunities and resources for all stages of your coaching journey enabling you to become a high performing in your chosen domain.

Below is a roadmap of all the opportunities available to coaches.


AquaHub is our Swim England Learning and Development hub, a one stop shop for all coaching needs.

Alongside recordings from our Connecting with Coaches sessions, conference footage and presentations, the AquaHub will also host a range of opportunities from recommended reading to podcasts.

Key contacts

For further information please check that you are signed up to our quarterly coaching newsletter or visit our social media channels:

For specific queries please contact the coaching team by email to [email protected].