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Running Your Club

Managing Your Club

Here we cover the day-to-day management issues which mainly cover Club Governance but also how to host events and competitions as well as crucial areas such as safeguarding and risk assessments.

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Good Governance

We have developed a number of information sessions and workshops to support Officers in their roles within the club or organisation. Each session is designed to support new and existing Chairs, Secretaries, Membership Officers and Welfare Officers in dealing with challenges and the day to day running of the club or organisation. Each session is free of charge to attend and will be delivered online via Zoom.

For more information including dates and times of the sessions please click on the relevant survey monkey link:

Important update

In our quest for continual improvement and support for members, from the 1st November 2023, attendance on both the Chair and Welfare workshops will be mandatory for affiliated clubs and will form part of the required evidence for Club Affiliation and SwimMark renewals.

Any Chair or Welfare Officer who attends a workshop will have their membership record updated and this information will transfer automatically to the Club Personnel Report. Please note any previous attendance has been recorded. We recommend attending the workshops on an annual basis to ensure important updates are received.

Swim England Handbook Regulation Changes

On 1st February 2023, the Swim England Handbook was updated and included regulation changes, but more importantly new processes for the Club Complaints procedures and a few changes to Safeguarding and Welfare.

Please see below for the FAQ’s and more information on Club complaints.


Guidance to clubs for entering competitions and running your own competitions both internally and licensed meets.

  • Club Member Check – look up the registered clubs, country of international representation and any qualifications of Swim England members.
  • Suspended Clubs – view which clubs have their Swim England affiliation suspended for failing to submit a full annual renewal.
  • Swim England Club Codes – all Swim England affiliated clubs are allocated a four-letter code. You can search through these.
  • Licensed Meets information – our guide to the four levels of Swim England licensed meets.


Protecting children and adults is a vital responsibility of all clubs. These pages will provide guidance for safeguarding matters.