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Club and Operator Toolkit

The ‘Working Together’ toolkit is set to become an important asset within the aquatics community and has been carefully developed over the past 18 months.

Clubs and operators are major components of the aquatics sector and their relationship is incredibly important in enabling hundreds of thousands of people enjoy the water, reach their potential across each of the disciplines and generate important revenue for the facility.

This piece of work was sector-driven as both sides recognised the need to work effectively together. A focus group containing representatives from each group was established and worked alongside Swim England to create the ‘Working Together’ toolkit.

This toolkit aims to help clubs and operators develop new or existing partnerships by providing:

  • Insight into each other’s organisations
  • Practical advice on developing partnerships and exploring shared opportunities
  • Useable resources to maximise water time and a framework for developing partnerships

Specifically, the toolkit includes an overview of the club structure within the aquatics community and the wider Swim England family, the key components to a positive relationship and information on training and competitions.

Club governance, finance and the Swim England Learn to Swim programme are detailed throughout the toolkit, as well as a number of case studies that illustrate effective working relationships between clubs and operators.

Additionally, this toolkit includes numerous templates that can be adopted by clubs and operators in order to better their communication and further enhance partnerships between them.

These include a Pool Space Calculator and a Service Level Agreement (SLA) which both cover all of the necessary areas which need to be considered by both parties when establishing a working agreement.

Support sessions to assist in implementing this toolkit within the swimming community are available with Swim England club and operator relationships manager Andy Jack, who can be contacted at [email protected].

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Club and Operator Toolkit Library