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Membership categories, costs, and registration for clubs

People become a club member of Swim England through an English Club. They do not apply themselves. Your club’s Registration Officer uses the Swim England Online Membership System (OMS) to register members.

Registering and Renewing Members

There are three main categories of annual club membership. These are category one, two and three. There is an overview of each below. For more detail on these, and temporary and student membership, head to our dedicated members website here.

Category one membership

This is for individuals who are part of a club and are learning to swim or are swimming at any level within the club network.

It is not for people who compete in open competition in any sport, unless the event has an exemption under Swim England Law or is designated as Low Level Competition.

Cost of category one membership £9.20

Category two membership

Category two membership is our biggest category as it is for people who want to compete and be part of a structured competitive pathway. It is for your club members who want to compete in competitions not exempted under Swim England law, or designated as Low Level Competition.

Cost of category two membership £27.75

Category three membership

Category three membership is for anyone involved in a club who isn’t covered by categories one and two, such as volunteers, coaches and teachers. You can find more detail about category three on the membership website here.

Cost of category three membership £5.20