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Online Membership System FAQs

We get a lot of frequently asked questions (FAQs) from clubs here at Swim England, so we thought we’d put our popular Online Membership System FAQs together with answers for you.

If you need help using the Swim England membership system (OMS)  then see if you can find the answer in our Online Membership System FAQs below. If not call the Membership Services Department on 01509 640727 or email [email protected]. Alternatively download the full summary guide for the Online Membership System.

Accessing the System

How do I access the Online Membership System (OMS)?

All club Registration Officers are given access to OMS. If you are registering to use OMS for the first time you will need:

  1. Your membership number
  2. Main email address registered with Swim England
  3. Surname.

Go to the OMS Website here and select Activate Membership. Then enter your details and click Activate. An email will be sent to you with an activation link.

I’m a member of a Swim England club can I access the Online Membership System (OMS).

Yes as a Swim England club member you can register on OMS to view and amend your details.

As a club member what information can I amend on OMS?

Club members can update their Name, Date of Birth, Contact Details, Data Protection Choices, Ranked Club, Gender, Ethnicity, Country of Representation and Disciplines.

When logging into OMS it is asking for a Username what is this?

Your Username can be either your membership number or the email you used when activating your OMS account.

I’ve forgotten my password what do I do?

Click on the Forgotten Password link on the Log-on Area and enter your membership number and email address used when you registered. A new activation email will be sent to you.

I’m getting an Activation Failed message what do I do?

Check you have the correct details and try re-entering these. If the system still does not recognise your details please contact us on 01509 640727 or email [email protected].

I’ve entered my activation details but haven't received an email?

Check your spam or junk email folders the email maybe in there.

Viewing, Adding, Editing and Removing Members

How do I view my clubs current members?

From the Membership tab you can view a full list of your current members or filter these by categories.

How do I add a new member to the club?

From the membership tab select add new member and enter their details and save.

How do I lapse a member from the club?

From your Membership list select lapse next to the member you wish to lapse.

How do I change a member’s category?

From the membership list click on the Detail button next to the member you wish to amend. Select the correct category from the drop down list. Change the action to Amend and save the change.

How do I update a member’s contact details?

From the membership list click on the Detail button next to the member you wish to amend. Make the required amendments, change the action to Amend and save the change.

How do I add a new member who is already a member with another club?

Add the member on to OMS as you would a new member, if your club is not the fee paying club you can add their membership number and tick the No fees payable box. This member will not be charge on your estimate.

I’m trying to change a member’s category but it's not letting me. Why?

Only a member’s fee paying club can change a member’s category. To check the fee paying club go to the Membership List page on OMS and click on the Details button for the member and go to the Other Information tab. All their membership clubs will be listed with their join dates.

Why can’t I amend Ranked Club and/or Data Protection Choices?

Once a member is registered only the individual can change their Ranked Club or Data Protection Choices. They can do this by logging into their individual side of OMS at www.swimmingmembers.org.

Batch Processing of Members

How do I submit a batch to Swim England for processing?

From the Batch Management tab open the pre-submission batch by clicking the batch number. Click on the submit button at the bottom of the page.

There are three pages of members in my Pre-Submission batch, do I need to submit each page separately?

No, clicking submit will send all pages to Swim England for processing.

I’ve added new members to the club but they are not showing on my membership list?

Until the batch has been submitted and processed, new members will not appear on your membership list.

I’ve updated / added a members record by mistake how do I remove them from my Pre-Submission batch?

From the Batch Management tab open the Pre-Submission batch and find the member, click on the red cross icon alongside the member you wish to remove from the batch.

I’ve submitted a batch for processing to Swim England. Do I need to wait until that has been processed before making any further amendments?

No you can start a new batch whenever you are ready.

I’ve submitted a batch how do I know how much to pay?

Once a batch has been submitted you can download the batch estimate from the Batch Management page this will summarise those members requiring payment.

I renewed a member in error in my renewals batch. How do I lapse them?

If you email Membership Services at [email protected] with the member’s details you wish to be lapsed we can make this change on your behalf.

I have lapsed a member in error. How do get them re-instated?

If the lapse was actioned in the last 3 months you can re-instate these via OMS.

On the Membership tab select Lapsed Member Finder, complete one or all of the search criteria and click search. Click on the details button next to the lapsed member and then Add New at the bottom of the member details page.

Any changes to the member’s details must be made once the member has been saved to a batch from the Batch Management tab.

I have received an email stating that a second claim batch has been created. What is this?

During the renewals process if a member is lapsed by their fee paying club and your club renewals have been processed a new batch will automatically be generated to charge your club their fees. This will be processed by the Swim England Membership team.

A second claim batch has been created for a member who is no longer with our club. How do I stop this?

When you receive the email informing you a 2nd claim batch has been created contact the Membership Services team by emailing [email protected] stating the member’s details and requesting that they are lapsed.

Club User Administration

Can I set up another club member to have access to OMS?

Yes, if you are the Main Online Administrator you can set up three further club officers as Deputy Online Administrators.

To do this go to the Online Administrators tab select Online Administrators from the dropdown, click on Add New Administrator. Select the club officer from the dropdown list and click Select. Then select the permissions for this Deputy and then Save.

How do I add a new club officer?

From the Online Administrators tab select Club Officers then select Add New Officer search for the member then assign them a club officer role from the drop down list and click add new.

How do I remove club officer?

From the Online Administrators tab select Club Officers, your current club officers will be listed. Find the member you wish to remove and click on the red cross next to the club officer position for that member.

Invoicing and Account Problems

How do I check if the club owes membership fees?

A financial statement of payments and invoices can be viewed from the Reports tab by selecting Club Finances.

An invoice has been added to my account how do I get a copy of this?

Copies of all invoices can be viewed or printed from your Batch Management Page.

I have the message There is a problem with your account. Please contact us?

Your club may have an outstanding balance you can view this on the Finance details page by clicking View finance details. Contact Membership Services as soon as possible on 01509 640727.

When do I send payment after submitting a batch?

Payment should be made within 7 days of submitting a batch. Payment can be made by cheque payable to Swim England, Credit or Debit Card by contacting us on 01509 640727 or by BACs details are details on the batch submission page or by contacting us on the number above.

How do I identify which members I will be charged for?

Fees are charged to club the member has been with the longest. On OMS these members are indicated on your membership list by a blue tick next to their name.

Full Summary Guide of OMS

What if I haven't found the answer to my question on OMS?

If you can't find the answer to your query please download the full summary guide of the OMS here.